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We aim to revolutionize the telephony PBX market by enabling the open source PBX Asterisk to obtain a wide spread market acceptance through creation of a complete ecosystem to support the traditional PBX channels.

In our desire to provide the state of the art technology we tied up with *astTECS which offers Asterisk based solutions that include,IP PBX / Call Center Dialer,Voice logger,Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive dialer, Hosted dialer, GSM & SMS integration,Voip call recording, customized line call recording / monitoring / tracking.

astTECS Dialer

astTECS Dialer

Product Features


Predictive Dialing

Allows out bound calling through Predictive dialing. Systems predict and dial the numbers based on agent availability.

CTI (Screen Pop; disposition)

CTI feature providing screen pop and disposition assignment to sessions.

Real time monitoring

Feature allowing for real-time performance monitoring.

Contact List Management

Feature allowing dynamic contact list management as per business requirements.

Multiple campaigns

Feature allowing the ability to engage in multiple campaigns.

Disposition management

Disposition management feature provides the ability to set and assign various dispositions as per business requirement.


Automatic Call Distributor is an integrated module providing state-of-the-art inbound call routing capabilities to multiple agents based on business rules applicable as per inbound agent.

Routing Customer calls based on DID; DNIS or ANI

Dynamic routing feature providing multiple incoming number identification functionality as per business requirements. Applicable as per inbound agents.

Routing Customer calls based on CLI

Routing Customer calls based on Caller line identification. Applicable as per inbound agents

Route a call to a group of agents based on FIFO; LWA (longest wait agent)

Dynamic routing feature allowing for multiple protocols as per business requirements to optimize agent productivity. Applicable as per inbound agents

Multiple queues

Multiple queue support feature providing flexibility in handling multiple incoming processes as per business requirements.

Language and Skill Selection

Feature allowing for dynamic routing based on language and skill selected by user. Applicable as per inbound agent

Conference with Customer and other users

Feature to allow conference between agent, customers and other users in contact center as per session requirements.

Transfer calls to outside department or contact center

Feature to allow agents to transfer calls as per session requirements.

Barge with agents

Feature for supervisor to quickly takeover a call interaction from agents in real-time.

Supervisor Whisper with agents

Supervisor feature to impart instructions to agents without alerting customer.

Supervisor Confer with agents

Supervisor feature to engage in conference with agents and customers in real-time.

Supervisor Live call monitoring

Supervisor feature to monitor agent customer interactions in real-time.

Monitor live agents and/or Customers through GUI

Supervisor feature to monitor agents and/or customers through state-of-the art graphical user interface.

Campaign, Queues and Group Management

Administrator feature to define parameters for campaign, queues and group management as per business requirements.

Assign dispositions to interactions

Feature providing agents the functionality to assign dispositions to customer interactions.

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